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You must be here because you have been banned on our server for a reason you may not agree with, believe that is false, or just want to have a second chance, well this is where you can get a chance.


To even have a shot at coming back on our server, the first step is to have the correct template. If you do not have this template, you will be denied. If you do get denied the only chance you have to purchase

an unban from our server store.

Appeal Format


Minecraft Username:

What is the reason you were banned for:

Who were you banned by:

Was the banned justify (fair):

What will you improve for now on:

Any other information you would like to provide:

If you were banned for any reason of hacking, you must provide the following


-Minecraft folder

-Mods folder

-Version folder and

-Recycle Bin



Please use a screenshot program such as Lightshot or Gyazo to upload pictures.


A staff member also has the right to deny your appeal if they find that your actions were not worthy of a second chance.

Punishment Appeal Format about 1 month ago

Hey there! Thank you for considering joining our team - I’m super excited to welcome you should your application be successful.


As you’ll understand, we use a standard application system to ensure the players we choose to join the team are suitable and have the appropriate experience, both in moderation and on the server itself. Given our primary focus is on ensuring the gameplay experience for our playerbase is top notch, we must ensure those who represent our server are player-focused.


Should you be accepted, you’ll have a 1 week trial period where we can further assess your capabilities.


So, go ahead - start typing. I look forward to reading your application.


Best wishes,vdDo4uzPRHhaabzv85aZEUpxFELD3-ExT2itYWiQ3ENRHlWHk5tmEiY9xxQLFbOOoJ2qxZnf57WL7BOT07I_XtFRnmu_OgdQSNPhdljCqI7-5gUtEYM5M5rBO-TzM_gG9k7CmlwL


Owner, MountainMC


Minecraft Username:


Date of Birth:




Discord Tag:


What languages can you confidently speak?


How many hours can you dedicate to moderation per week?


Are you a member of our Discord server?


Approximately how long have you been actively playing on MountainMC?


How would you describe your relationship with the rest of the community?


Tell us about an experience on MountainMC that you particularly enjoyed.


Tell us about an experience on MountainMC that you didn’t enjoy.


There are many different players, with differing qualities, applying to join our team. Why should we hire you specifically?


What experience do you have both moderating Minecraft servers and in moderation more generally?


Tell us about an experience in real life, outside of the gaming community, where something didn’t go as planned? Explain how you learned from this experience.


Is there anything else you would like to add to your application that you haven’t covered previously?

Staff Application Format about 1 month ago