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IGN: Fireblaster819
5 months ago

July 4th Official Launch Date

Our amazing manager TalonOG Has worked tirelessly on the server and custom plugins to give you guys an amazing experience while playing on our server! July 4th at 12PM CST (5:00PM GMT) we will open our doors to you so you can come and have fun on our amazing server, that our developer has worked on like crazy! 
We are so glad to have so many people here for our launch! I can not wait to join all of you guys!


If you guys have any question's or comments please open a ticket and our amazing staff team will assist you with anything you may need! 

Click here for a youtube video!


Below is a list of important links! 

Ban Appeal's

Payment Issue's 

Bug Report's


Player Report's

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Management: 5/7/21

======Important Links=======

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